Genuine Thoughts and Prayers Collectible Toy


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Need to send your condolences but can't do it in person? Send a 100% genuine Thoughts and Prayers set, and it'll be like you actually care (even if you don't).

I've personally spoken countless thoughts and prayers directly into each bubble, then labeled them accordingly. They come mounted on a cardback that shows all the potential uses on the reverse side.

Because I make each one of these by hand, minor imperfections may exist.

Comes with a Death Certificate of Authenticity.

Thank you to DKE Toys for assembling these.

NOTE: There is no guarantee these will work. In fact, I almost guarantee you that they won't. (Or will they?)

Just to clarify: These are empty bubbles mounted to a cardback. That is the joke. They are empty bubbles supposedly filled with "thoughts" and "prayers." If you needed me to clear that up for you, then it's possible this isn't the piece for you.